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Zimbabwe Top 10 Tourist Destinations

Victoria Falls
Traveling to Zimbabwe and failing to soak yourself at the famous Victoria Falls is like getting to the bathroom and then coming out without wetting your hands. Um… impossible, right? In short, Victoria Falls is a “must see” tourist attraction in Zimbabwe. Named after the well-known explorer, David Livingstone, the falls attract the bulk of Zimbabwean tourists from different corners of the world.

Preferably, most people visit the falls between July and August, when the weather is dry and there’s no mist to obscure their view. But hey, before you get too excited to book the next flight and visit the falls, remember to carry a light rain coat to at least protect yourself from falls’ sprays.

River Zambezi
For pure adventure, consider visiting river Zambezi near Victoria Falls. Here, you’ll definitely have a number of breath-taking fun activities like rafting and triggerfish fishing. After that, you can enjoy climbing out of Bakota George, just to enjoy an ice-cold refreshment drink usually served at the restaurants nearby.

Chinhoyi Caves
Just along Harare Lusaka road, you’ll find the breath-taking Chinhoyi caves. Apart from being a great attraction on its own for feasting your eyes, these caves also conceal an underground lake found 50 meters below the ground surface.

After Harare, Bulawayo is the second most visited town in Zimbabwe that has managed, so far, to retain the 1960s American ambiance. But most importantly, the town is lined with a huge flower-covered boulevard, which on its own is a remarkable tourist attraction. However, for your visits, there’s the National museums which is strategically located in the hearts of the town, and apparently considered one of the best in Africa. After that, you may also consider visiting Railway museum around the town to enjoy the view of a passenger coach that dates back to 1904.

Mutare Town
If you’re looking for a cool place that will help you forget the scorching Sub-Saharan climate, Mutare town is the place to visit. In this town, you’ll have the art gallery and the Mzilikazi art and craft center to gaze at and, later on, grab something on your way home. But hey, not so fast… you are yet to visit the Rhodes museum, the Aloe garden in the main park as well as the Vumba gardens. Lastly, you can enjoy a wildlife view at the Chimanimani national park, Thompson V lei and the Cecil Kop Nature Reserve.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins
The world-renowned great Zimbabwean ruins is one of the awesome places to visit in Zimbabwe, it offers an impressive set of ancient stone complexes that are believed to have been built between the 13th and the 15th centuries–during the existence of Munumatapa kingdom. For more fascinating option, you can enjoy the remarkable architectural design behind the ruins and the museum that holds the entire history of the ruins.

Hwange National Park
Hwange national park, located south of Victoria Falls, harbors a number of amazing wild animals that usually attract thousands of tourists from all corners of the world every year. For example, you’re apt to see lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos and antelopes among a variety of other wild animals in this park.

Matopos National Park
Even though Matapos national park houses a significant number of wild animals, it is internationally known for an array of anthropological and geological features. As part of the geological attractions, the park is noted for having granitic boulders that are neatly and precariously balanced on top of each other, and then preserved by Bushmen paintings. Furthermore, this national park was the burial ground for Cecil Rhodes–a South African Prime Minister and explorer during the colonial period.

Mana Pools
Mana Pools can literally be translated to mean four pools. However, most people who visit this spot prefer hiring a canoe to go and watch hippos, giraffes, tigers, hippos, elephants, lions and tons of other wild animals. Other than that, you can still get a permit to go fishing for vundu, bream and tiger fish.

Lake Kariba
At Lake Kariba, you can spend five days house boating and parking every night at different points to enjoy viewing the wild park at Matusadona. During the day, you’ll be provided with a small tender boat that you can use to go fishing around the lake.